Who We Are

Founded in 2002  Ruven Ltd. is an international transport company, whose main field of activity is car/auto logistics sector. Ever since starting our activity the core competence is car/auto and light truck transport inside Europe, as well as in and out of Turkey, the Caucasian countries and beyond.

Our vehicle management services are second to none, covering all stages of the process from vehicle movement and car transportation to fleet management, technical services, as well as storage and handling. Long term experience together with the defined ambition to provide constant state of the art service leads to high quality and safety. The passion to fulfill our daily promise help Ruven Ltd. to develop successfully during the past couple of years by focusing on:

  • constant fleet modernization
  • employing dedicated, experienced, qualified and reliable drivers
  • trans European and near/middle East traffic

Located close to the Bulgarian A1/E80 route which connects Europe to Asia our main base in central Bulgaria allows to respond quickly and appropriate to our customers requests and requirements. Our technology, in-depth understanding of the market, latest GPS systems and software ensure that we are ahead of the field, providing an unrivalled service in terms of speed, efficiency and excellence. We offer fast, safe and economic service, using latest technology and our own experience in vehicle transportation sector. Together with our sister companies Ajax Ltd. and Vedek Ltd. it is our goal is to reach the position of ‘Solution and Business Partner’, known best and trusted most by all automotive producers and distributors across Europe to Asia traffic.