Free and long time storage of your imported cars

Ruven Trans puts an end to your worries!

Freedom in time

You choose when to pick up your imported car

If it is not possible to accept delivery from our car carrier, after you arrive in Bulgaria, you can take your car from the Ruven Trans headquarters.

Incomparable security

You will pick up your car without a scratch

Your biggest fears are our fiercest
motivation. There is no danger of your car disappearing in 60
seconds or be damaged while under our care, so
that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep.

And all for free

You will not empty your pockets for this service either

When importing cars from France, Germany, Spain, etc. We know that you have parted with a lot of money to get the most desired by you, and that a large part of the amount went to its delivery. That is why we consider it right that the stay of your car in our base does not shrink further your budget. And without that, you will have to pay for registration and insurance.

Polite transmission

We will send you with a small memory to our new meeting

You receive your car from us as carefully as we treated it throughout its stay at our base. It’s like midwives passing a newborn to his parents, only the gifts in this case are from us. And we have no doubt: like many others before you, you will inevitably return to us when it is your turn to bring a nice car from abroad.